Ersin Yumer

My recent work has primarily focused on commercializing autonomous trucks safely, efficiently, and at scale. I have extensive leadership experience in engineering (autonomy software development and AI/ML research), as well as operations (hardware, manufacturing, cloud, and test), for autonomous vehicles.

I was most recently the EVP of Operations at TuSimple, where I also served as the interim CEO and President. Prior to that, I have held the VP of Algorithm, and Sr. Director of Machine Learning roles at TuSimple as well. Formerly, I was an Engineering Director at Aurora, and a Sr. Staff Research Scientist at Uber ATG where I built a research team. Long before diving into autonomous vehicles, I spent three years at Adobe, where my work has led to some cool features in Adobe Dimension, Adobe Fuse, and various Adobe Photoshop mobile apps. I have a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, during which I visited Google Research often as well.